Having trouble with chart? read this!=D

list of problem that will be solved by reading this article:

– you cannot get the chart to be like the model you want.

– you cannot select data properly and make it appear in the axis that you want.

– you have problem with the chart design, format or layout.

– how to move the finished chart to microsoft word in 3 seconds =D

Create a Chart
To create a chart:

  • Select the cells that contain the data you want to use in the chart
  • Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the type of Chart you want to create


Modify a Chart
Once you have created a chart you can do several things to modify the chart. 

To move the chart:

  • Click the Chart and Drag it another location on the same worksheet, or
  • Click the Move Chart button on the Design tab
  • Choose the desired location (either a new sheet or a current sheet in the workbook)


To change the data included in the chart:

  • Click the Chart
  • Click the Select Data button on the Design tab


To reverse which data are displayed in the rows and columns:

  • Click the Chart
  • Click the Switch Row/Column button on the Design tab


To modify the labels and titles:

  • Click the Chart
  • On the Layout tab, click the Chart Title or the Data Labels button
  • Change the Title and click Enter


Chart Tools
The Chart Tools appear on the Ribbon when you click on the chart.  The tools are located on three tabs:  Design, Layout, and Format. 

Within the Design tab you can control the chart type, layout, styles, and location.

Within the Layout tab you can control inserting pictures, shapes and text boxes, labels, axes, background, and analysis.


Within the Format tab you can modify shape styles, word styles and size of the chart.


Copy a Chart to Word

  • Select the chart
  • Click Copy on the Home tab
  • Go to the Word document where you want the chart located
  • Click Paste on the Home tab



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